New grandchildren and a wedding

2018 will be a memorable year of happy family events for us all at East Jordeston and the busy preparations that led up to them.

At the end of January we welcomed our third granddaughter, Clara, in to the family. Her arrival was closely followed by that of our first grandson, Dewi, who arrived on a snowy 1st March (St. David’s Day – hooray!). After a busy year with our cottages, in November we celebrated the wedding of our son Tom and Miranda at our lovely village church.

There were busy preparations for the new arrivals. Jamie and our daughter Hannah added a new link and bedroom extension to their house at East Jordeston to make space for their growing family – Dewi is number 3. Phil donned his architects cap for their project and also stamped his talented design style on the renovation of an old stone cottage in our village of St Florence for Tom and Miranda. The works are soon to be completed and they will settle in to their own real home. Excitement all round! Phil and I are thankful and lucky to have both of our offspring and their growing families closeby. As the saying goes… it keeps us young!

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